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We are a global solution provider for the metal working industry. Our oxyfuel products, plasma and laser cutting machines are designed to enable our customers to better achieve their ambitions with high productivity, flexibility and quality products. Apart from oxyfuel, plasma & laser cutting solutions, We are also the market leader in welding, Cutting & accessories segment in India. We offer complete range of welding accessories such as Electrode Holder, Earth Clamp, Cable Connector, Welding cable, Hand Gloves, Welding PPE, Welding Curtains & Booth, Cylinder Trolley, Electrode Drying Oven, MIG -MAG welding torch, Gouging torch, Lighter, Welding goggles & Chipping Hammer. All of our products are built with high quality and are highly durable & efficient. Coupled with our excellent after sales support, they ensure higher productivity.